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My latest home improvement obsession revolves around window treatments. We have four sets of double windows in the front of our house which make up what used to be, years ago, the old front porch. We ordered a new front door which is sitting in the garage and I am itching to replace these tacky mini-blinds with drapes. My good friend came over this past weekend and we talked drapes. Drape-talk after numerous libations can be extremely interesting! We decided that one panel of drape for each set of window would look very dramatic if they were gathered in each corner.

As I gaze out the front windows from my spot on the living room floor next to the coffee table, I realize that flanking these curtains and gathering them in the corners would block out numerous eye sores like the streetlamp and the neighbor’s house while leaving snippets of nature left to view.

Obviously I need to go vintage textile for this new decorating venture. There are thousands of vintage textiles online and I always have trouble being comfortable with buying things in the now versus 10 years from the now. Barkcloth is obviously my top choice but I think for starting something like this will do the trick. There are insane vintage prints to be had but then I look at my “Oriental” carpets and think dear god I’m opening up Pandora’s Box of Ugly. I don’t know. Maybe this new settee I purchased after a day of sedatives was a mistake. Who knows.

It’s cute, it’s comfy, I like it.


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