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I’m so excited; we are starting Phase II of our $500 Kitchen Re-Do Challenge today. Now, don’t be confused–the avid 1 or 2 followers of this blog might think, Sharon, didn’t you already do a $500 Kitchen RedoII? Yes, we did back in 2004. It just shows we liked what we did the first time and simply have to do it again! Someday, perhaps, we’ll have a “real” bonafide kitchen with granite surfaces like Adults. Maybe.

Phase I: Paint Kitchen Grey (completed)

Phase II: New counters, etc.:

  • How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets was our inspiration for painting our cabinets
  • Replacing the white two-pieced-together kitchen counter with an off-the-shelf Menard’s counter (if you turn your head, close one eye, and squint it looks like quartz, honestly)
  • Painting our upper cabinets grey
  • We purchased awesome cabinet hardware from IKEA
  •  Replacing our lower cabinets with off-the-shelf econo models from Menards & painting our new cabinets
  • Relocating the dishwasher to the opposite side of the sink

The kids are at Jim’s folks house, my dad is here, and I’m on “clean up and make sandwiches duty.”

14 years ago we went to a demolition derby, met friends, and drank beer to celebrate the completion of a hard day’s work. Today we woke up at 6, took an 8 year old and 3 year old to Jim’s folks for the day, and will cram 2 days of work into the few hours we are free. If I can finagle it, I think we’ll order sushi tonight to celebrate. It’s not quite the free life we had 14 years ago, but it’s sure a full one.

IMG_5685Here’s my dad sipping his coffee in 2016….and here’s my dad drinking his coffee in 2004…

The walls have changed, the address numbers have shuffled around, but by the grace of God we are all together just like we were in 2004.


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Stainless Steel inside and out. Beautiful. Quiet. $100. Cash.

One hot summer day in August we went to a garage sale and found this GE Profile stainless steel dishwasher for $100.

I didn’t care that seals on dishwashers almost certainly break on used models and one should never purchase a dishwasher from a garage sale (surprisingly this is NOT foreshadowing, that puppy kicked it for about three years) that dishwasher was no sooner loaded in my house than I was getting the receipt and my cash from the ATM machine.

Our kitchen was 100% not set up for a dishwasher. We needed pretty major carpentry, electrical work, and plumbing to make it happen. Fortunately the next day, on our nightstand, was a real page-turner, Dishwasher Installation Made Easy.

Here’s some photos of our $500 kitchen face-lift. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just a non-crazy, non-debt way to introduce technologies of 2004 to 1949.

First we installed a new off-the-shelf cabinet which was my very first staining project!

The good thing about having off-the-shelf cabinets is it’s easy to add more!

We’re getting there! Now we at least had semi-functional dish storage

We shifted the cabinets on the bottom down to make room for the dishwasher.

Next we removed the old counter and sink and figured out how to convert the existing plumbing to accept a dishwasher.

Jim learned everything he needed to learn about how to execute the cabinetry portion of the work. I was really impressed that he knew how to separate cabinets that were joined together for Lord knows how many years with minimal, if no, visible damage! Not only did he handle the carpentry portion of the project, he learned how how to install a new circuit to ensure the dishwasher didn’t turn off the lights and also how to make sure the water from the dishwasher drained down the pipes under the sink, not the floor under the cabinets!

My father came to help (or drink coffee). Thanks, Dad!

Near installation….

Cabinets moved over and dishwasher installed! We’re good to go!

This is our kitchen before.

We’re nearly finished. More space, more functionality, and a dishwasher!

What better way to celebrate that evening we finished than a trip to the DEMOLITION DERBY?!

Nothing compares to busting your butt all day and then celebrating a beautiful summer evening at the Joliet Speedway!

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