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Went out, Walking

My Pacer App made me do it. I really didn’t want to do it. I really didn’t want to do it. But I had 1500-some-odd miles to go to reach my 10000 steps to be anointed (at least by a technological widget) “highly active” and to officially have GOAL COMPLETED in my record book for today.

I walked down past Rec Park and the sky held onto its blue, behind the dark nearly 10:00 reality. The moon, certainly full, cast a beautiful shine onto the Christian Teen Center that I never really paid much attention to until I noticed the building’s official title etched into the stone, “MEMORIAL LIBRARY.”

Every single house that I ever lived in, I was within walking distance to the library. I think, for certain, I may be falling in love. Living within two libraries, I am, officially, a library sandwich!


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Shuffled Some Numbers Around

We moved some numbers around and to sum it up much like a camera only fits so much in the lens, we’ve found a new home. I’ll dismiss the mundane details of the insurmountable-at-times feat of moving four people from a nest they were well-burrowed in for over a decade.

We sold our Des Plaines home in two days. I will always remember walking through our Show Home and wondering just who lived here. We felt a bit like nomads. Our picture of the three of us pre-child-number-two was replaced with a random Vintage postcard from Venice. Kindergarten photographs were replaced with stock images. Cousins turned into framed strangers. But our house looked great. Part of me reveled in the absolute lack of clutter…clean cabinets for the Site Seeing Snoopers. Perfectly filed closets and silverware drawers. Every little nit was in place. While we unclenched ourselves from our home, we didn’t have any mental capacity to think about making our next house a home. There simply were too many details to attend to.

Our Zippy Trailer with the mess of our belongings was docked and loaded in some warehouse in some part of the city. To be honest I could have cared less if we ever saw it again. School registration papers were shoved in a manila envelope with a Sharpie warning, “IMPORTANT!!!” We felt a bit like the Engine that Could–one step at a time, we think we can we think we can we think we can. A goal we set four years ago was in the making and we shuffled some numbers around and made it happen. From 1031 to 113, new street, new town, new start.

Thanks Sister for the Wreath

Here is a peek inside, untouched, ready for us to make it our own:

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