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April Fool’s Day in Chicago is no joke–today it’s a sprightly 55 degrees and sunny…perfect day to visit the local garden center! We hit up the Sale table and found adorable fairy houses ($1.50!), a solar-powered fairy herself ($4.00!) and assorted fairy knick-knacks to outfit her Under the Tree Abode. I’m not sure who is more excited to build this imaginary playscape–the girls or the mother!

With our bright sunshine, today is the perfect day to start our micro green project! Our seedlings are planted and covered tightly with a towel to germinate. Let’s see what three weeks’ of germination brings!

Spicy and Mild Seedlings

What you Need: 

  1. Packages of organic micro green seedlings. Ours were from Johnny’s.
  2. Small bag of organic seed starting soil. Purchased from our local gardening center.
  3. Small plastic take-out containers, washed. We used strawberry containers!
  4. Spray bottle.
  5. Something to place your containers in for drainage. We sets ours on top of rocks purchased at the garden center. Parchment paper was used to prevent our holding dish from being scratched by the rocks.


  1. Thoroughly wash and dry your plastic planting containers.
  2. Drill drainage holes in the bottom of your containers. If the plastic starts to strip, painter’s tape will help hold it together and give you some texture to drill into.
  3. Add your organic soil about halfway up the container. Water it thoroughly.
  4. Liberally sprinkle your seeds across the top of the soil. Don’t push the seeds down, just sprinkle them out to cover the dirt.
  5. Gently spray the sown seeds to ensure the seeds make contact with the soil.
  6. Cover. We used a towel.
  7. Set in a warm, sunny location…and cross your fingers!



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Driving in the car our 9 year old spontaneously quips, “Momma I hope that you don’t turn into a meditation teacher.” What?!  Having no idea why she would ask me this in the first place, she told me that I would constantly be asking her “if and why” she was mad. Really? At 9, she’s pretty good about vocalizing her radically shifting emotions just fine on her own…honed meditative powers aren’t really necessary to decipher her ups and downs.

She is onto something, however. I am halfway through a 15-week meditation class at the local community center. My intention is Connecting with my Inner Joy. And that Joy is a bit hard to find. I feel it, lurking in my solar plexus, and at times it radiates a bit paler yellow than I’d like to admit…but it’s there. This class is taught by a Shaman named Melissa who is a patient and gentle soul healer. My therapist told me she may be the best thing to have happened to me. There are times I shake my head, sadly wondering why I require so many pillars…my meditation Shaman, my therapist, but then I look at the life they are supporting me to create and figure I’ll keep forging my path.

Through meditation class I met a homemade herbalist who invited a handful of women to learn the art of tinctures and concocting homeopathic medicines from weeds, herbs, and plants. How energizing to learn how to heal our bodies and offer natural, holistic remedies for anxiety, ointments for cuts, or simply crunchy toppings for salads…So today starts my path toward micro greens. I logged onto Johnny’s Seeds and sprung for 4 ounces of two varieties of micro salad greens: mild and spicy. Spicy micro greens? I’m sold!  Addy recently sprouted a six inch Oak tree from a silent, unassuming acorn.  Our future homegrown botanist with her daily water spritzes and overseeing eyes will introduce us  to our very own square foot of organic farming. We’ll see where these next weeks of germination takes us.

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