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In an old home, it’s a dare to use the word, Finale. But as the concrete trucks’ lumbering whirl of cement is a far distant memory, “finale” is the absolute right word for this┬áProject Driveway,

The home inspector’s car door slammed shut and he drove down Pine a few hours ago leaving behind a Yellow Sticker of Approval: our garage and driveway signed and (not quite yet) sealed. We are both thrilled to not have to shovel the gravel this next winter!

Whirly twirly cement trucks have fascinated me since I was a kid so I’m not sure who was more excited to see the big series of trucks come rolling down the gravel: me or the girls!



We had about three cement trucks roll on in…

….At the last minute we made a judgement call to add a curvy┬ápath to take us from the garage right to the back door. The old step was the root of many of our basement water seepage issues so we had that replaced with two new steps leading to the new curvy path.


…Last weekend we had 8 cubic feet of DIRT and 4 cubic fee of MULCH delivered so that Jim could properly grade and fill in all the edges so that we’d pass our failed inspection. WE PASSED! It’s been a huge, enormous project and we’re so glad that it’s done!




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