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So Close, Far to Go

We drove around the streets of our hopeful New Town last weekend. We commented on how lovely the bungalows are with their solid historical architecture and stucco sides. We talked about how we could walk from our hopeful new house to the library, train station, and restaurants. It’s amazing how comparable our New Town is to Des Plaines. We can walk to the train, library, and restaurants from our house. We can even lace up our gym shoes and walk to school. We love our house. Every single room is specifically crafted with love. The thought of starting all over again in an old house is daunting. We know the solid bones of this house. This house is sturdy. There are no major problems with anything. Sure, it can use some organization in the basement…but structurally this house is very, very sound. All of the work from electrical to plumbing has been done right (or at least right enough!).

But we know that we want this–we want to be close to family, to see the kids grow up together. So we have to start to save. Save every extra penny…get those United Fund charts going again to see, just see, if we can make this possible.


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Interior Fun

It’s interesting to look back at the past three years and all of the changes that we’ve made to the interior of our home. Here is the living room with the trim and dark brown moulding complete in the living room. In this room sits my very first piece of brand-new showroom furniture: a 1950s inspired sofa from Macy’s…Macy’s!! I still can’t believe that I own a piece of furniture that isn’t from an antique store (or gleaned from around the corner!).


…pretty close to how it looked when we sold…prior to de-cluttering of course!




And here’s what our living room looked like before:

Remember Tube TVs? We have one.

Remember Tube TVs? We have one.



Small but it works

Small but it works








...another iteration...

…another iteration…






Probably the room that we are most excited about is our daughter’s new room in the attic. My husband really went overboard with his do-it-himself talents…he always amazes me with his sheer ability to do everything…the carpentry work, electrical, paint, coordinating and picking out colors. All the while I’m back there yapping…

For her room, we repurposed pretty much everything. The only new things we bought included: a new mattress for her first”big girl bed,” and carpeting from Costco. My husband and his sister painted the room pink, purple, and white. I’ll post more pictures of the detail work which really makes this room special. For me, it was the first time that I actually considered using a real color-scheme in how I decorated it (with my daughter’s help of course!). Every single thing in this room is either white, pink, or purple and I think that concentration helped tie the room together. Since it is a small space with compromised height, having a trio of colors instead of a large assortment of colors really helps the room (and playroom) appear larger and more organized.

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