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Christmas is (nearly) Here

We are decorating our Christmas tree tonight. Since our house is so tiny we need to rearrange the furniture to accommodate our mod-white-nightmare of a Christmas tree. A few years ago (six?) when we bought our tree no one had a white Christmas tree. In fact, we had to drive to three different Mendard’s to find it! Now that Macy’s and West Elm have popularized our vintage throw-back they are very difficult to find for a reasonable price. I’m quite pleased with our Menards Purchase of $49.99 in all of its six foot glory. Each year we put a different color light on the tree. This year we went with classic white. Thanks, in part, to the beautiful trees at, well, Macy’s of all places. Ironic!

My daughter is decorating the tree with my husband on the 13th anniversary of our first date. A sushi dinner and vino would have been divine but decorating a Christmas tree as our little family and seeing the glory in her face as she begs me to hang the blown-glass vintage ornaments on a low branch so she can see them is pretty incredible.

I’ll post pictures when the house is finished for the holidays. I decided not to adorn the window boxes this year but rather I’m leaving them empty and choosing to spot-light the holiday arrangement that my husband placed in an urn for me on the front steps, instead.


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