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The only reason I’m vaguely aware that it’s mid-July is my first round of flower boxes have wilted away. Done. Finito. Turns out that if you want to actually foster flower boxes you need to water them. No ingenious gizmo like a self-watering container conversion kit or a self-watering mat substitute for actual water. So back to the home improvement store I trucked, late on Friday, to pick out new flower box flowers. I gave myself a strict budget of $60 and walked out .31 north. Not bad. I learned a few lessons (in addition to the whole water thing):

1. Shopping for flowers on a Friday night, by yourself, at Home Depot is highly recommended. Not only is it void of shoppers, shopping carts, and otherwise crowds in general, you have the luxury of helpful sales clerks with not a ton to do on a Friday night. Beautiful.

2. Wear bug spray. You’re going to be standing in a rather humid green house at dusk. Either cover up or spray.

3. Do it right the first time. Choose flowers that can take you to fall. I chose purples and yellows and hardier plants than peonies like mums.

Our neighbors have four children and more often than not make for a helpful barometer of just how we’re doing managing a house and one teeny child. The father told me, “…the toddler years are the unproductive years.” …Sigh. OK. So that’s why I forgot to water my boxes for an entire week. So that’s why we don’t have trim over the bathroom door. So that’s why our house needs to be power washed and painted. Ok, I get it. But it does create a knot in my stomach.

The flowers themselves taught me a good lesson, too, that I probably won’t forget anytime soon (at least until I see the flowers die again next year, too, from my  neglect): I also need to stop and drink some water every now and again. Life is insane, more so than last year which means this year will also be eclipsed. We have to stop every once and a while and not care about the dishes in the sink or the unmade bed or the…well, the list goes on. If some can grasp this concept why oh why can’t I?


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